Emily ‘Cooks’ up a week of fun

Cook plans a week of festivities for Titans to tackle.

Maddie Jung, Staff Writer

Homecoming is one of the most memorable dances of students’ high school years. The planning process takes time and organization. Senior Emily Cook, the executive of activities in ASB planned this year’s homecoming week, including the Oct. 1 dance at the Air and Space Museum down in Balboa Park.

The planning process began in January due to the difficulties of booking the venue and planning the rest of the dance before the start of the school year. When school starts, ASB begins planning the spirit week, assembly, and pep rallies. 

   Cook was most excited about the assembly, “Every year, this assembly is so much fun because of the student participation and the competitive culture that comes with airbands,” Cook said. 

   Cook has been in ASB all four years of high school and has gained communication and time management skills as well as leadership skills that has helped her plan the homecoming dance this year. 

   Erica Rangel became a co-advisor of  ASB this year and will take over in the third trimester. Like Cook, Rangel was excited for the assembly because the airbands bring together every class. Rangel loved working with Cook to plan homecoming this year.

   “Emily did wonderful. She stayed on top of all the contracts and getting things out on time, she set a calendar and really stuck to it, which I thought was really helpful, just for ASB in general,” Rangel said.

Cook had to get the airband contracts and DJ approved by the admin. She also helped get the dance venue approved and the lighting crew together for the assembly and pep rally. 

This year’s homecoming was out of this world, and none of it would have been possible without Cook’s hard work and dedication.