Cheers of terrors

Titan terrors and their everlasting applaud for poway.

Cheers of terrors

Rowan Allison, Staff Writer

The crowd went  wild as the Poway football team scored another touchdown on september 2nd, at the game against Ramona High School. In the midst of the crowd, the Titan Terrors leaders, seniors Olivia Inigo and Ryan Kropel, cheered loud and proud for their team.

“We’ve been promoting volleyball and field hockey games just to get people out and going, and kind of supporting all our teams to show all of our football players and sports teams that we support them and that we are here to cheer them on,” Inigo said.

The Titan Terrors attend games to keep the student section motivated with a variety of cheers. The non-school affiliated group are two seniors named Olivia Inigo and Ryan Kropel; and when they graduate they will pass on the title of leader to a new pair of seniors and so forth.

Inigo’s two cousins attended PHS and she always saw them showing their school spirit, inspiring her to do the same. Her mother, who teaches  here, really likes to see Inigo participating in school activities and showing all her spirit. While also participating in events, Inigo said  she loves getting ready for different activities with her friends, for example on morp they would take photos and dress up together.

“I think that me being involved in so many things, and going and supporting is more fun for me and my group.” Inigo said.

Inigo and Kroepel post on the Titan Terror’s instagram (@titanterrors) about  games and school events to keep students updated.