German Foreign Exchange Student Takes on Poway


Enni Wissmann

Avalon Nash, Staff Writer

Looking out on the city lights below, sophomore Enni Wissmann took it all in. She was a long way from Obertshausen, Germany. For Wissmann, the experience was nothing short of surreal. “I felt like I’d hit the jackpot,” she said, “getting assigned California and San Diego after not knowing what state I’d end up in,” 

Driven by pure spontaneity, she had applied for a scholarship to study abroad, along with some encouragement from her parents.

 It was Wissmann’s first time in the United States. “I wanted to go with as little bias as I could, but my early ideas of what it would be like definitely came from high school movies,” 

She was delighted to discover an open and welcoming student body at Poway High, quickly finding a place for herself within the diverse community. 

“We wanted to ensure she felt welcome and worked out a way for her to audition for the play even though she would not arrive until August,” Enni’s host sister, senior Matilda Bowen said. 

Wissmann was cast in the upcoming production of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory as the German mother of Augustus Gloop (and is coaching her counterparts on how to nail a German accent). “She’s really been a brightening presence in drama… the energy she brings makes her passion for performance clear,” junior and fellow actor Colin Aslop said. 

Wissmann has also enjoyed participating in sporting events, which her host sister Matilda introduced her to. After attending her first high school football game, she was sure she preferred it to soccer, the more popular sport in Germany.

 “The game made me realize how glad I was to have taken the risk and come here…the way the school rallies around the team, there’s just nothing like that back in Germany,” Wissmann said 

One thing Wissmann admits to missing is the bakery bread back home. “American bread just isn’t the same,” Wissmann said.

 Since coming to the states, Wissmann has relished the opportunity to try new foods. She tried In-N-Out for the first time and found it to be far superior to McDonald’s and Burger King, the American chains in Germany. 

Outside of hoping to visit the beach, Wissmann remains uncertain of her future aspirations.”I think this year will really expand my worldview, and for that I’m immensely grateful…I might be able to see myself living in the states…but I’m still unsure of so much,”Wissmann said