Are You Being Real?


Your phone lets out an aggressive ding, as you think, ‘I only have two minutes.’ You frantically open the app of the summer as you watch the time tick down. 1:59, 1:58, 1:57.

 Even though BeReal was released in 2020, the app gained major popularity over the summer. 

BeReal is an app very similar to Instagram, but without the upside of making your life seem more glamorous than it is. You have friends you add, and a feed to scroll upon, but, there are a few catches: you must post within the two minute time frame once users click on the “take your BeReal,” and people have no clue when the notification will come through. The social media app will take two pictures with both the back and front camera, capturing whatever event the user is doing at the moment. 

Another fun feature about BeReal is the reaction option. With this, you are able to snap a photo of your reaction to your friend’s post.

If you have friends from all around the world, this is a super solid way to still stay involved in each other’s lives and remain connected. 

A common trend is walking up to teachers, coaches, even strangers and asking them to simply just “take a picture.” Little do they know, their face too becomes a part of the post.

The unpredictable notifications can affect students in school. Users must just go about their days with late posts, unless a teacher allows students on their phones to make a post.

BeReal has created a super fun and friendly environment that many students love using. P.S., add me on BeReal @raecornell!