Keep bells silent

Lily Teran, Staff Writer

With Advanced Placement (AP) Testing finally being over, the bells and morning announcements make their return. The bells and announcements went away to limit the distractions that the AP testers received. It left every student responsible for getting to class on time without relying on a bell to tell them that. There was only one bell, the first passing period bell at 7:23 each morning. A lot of students did not like the Silent Bells, however I think it comes with its perks.

After break, during the AP Testing weeks, a lot of students walked into class late because there was no bell to remind them to get to class. With only a few weeks left in school, why do students still need a reminder as to when they should get to class on time? There are other ways to get around that, like setting timers on phones. There should not need to be a reminder this late in the school year. 

I find that with the bells, it can be a distraction, especially towards the end of class periods. The rooms tenses up and becomes antsy. Students can stand by the door and wait anxiously to leave. Then blaring bell sounds and people rush to pack up, and leave for lunch, break, their next class, or to get home. Teachers can often be interrupted by the shuffling of papers, binders, notebooks and other materials. Moreover, they can be in the middle of a lesson and still trying to keep the focus of the class. Silent bells eliminate the quick packing up of students. Teachers tell their students when to pack up and when to leave. 

I feel that Silent Bells allow me to be responsible and prepare for college and the workplace. In college, there are no bells reminding students when to get to class. The students are responsible for themselves and go when they need to go. It is the same in the workplace. Adults are able to get up, get ready, and get to their place of occupation without a bell. Why do students need guidance like that? It is to keep them on a schedule, but there is no preparation for college and the workplace by using bells.

I think there should be more Silent Bells. It allows for students to learn time management skills and responsibility from a young age. It would limit distractions in classrooms. It would benefit everyone, even if it takes some getting used to and learning.