Prom court makes a comeback

Senior Kate Bylsma crowns Senior Dylan Valentine one of the prom court winners.

Prom court winners seniors Craig Benedict and Dylan Valentine and juniors Dylan Sablan and Kiara Bowser pose with crowns and sashes. Sablan stood in place for Jeremy Byrd, who could not attend the dance.

Music is blasted throughout the Midway, while The Prom Court is rushed to the stage, everyone claps in unison for The Royal Court and is ecstatic to celebrate them.

 The Night of All Nights: Prom, was back in action after a two year hiatus due to COVID-19. Titans danced the night away on May 21 on the USS Midway.

“The Night at Flight” Prom Coincided the release of Top Gun: Maverick that comes today, May 27. The Midway is one of the iconic sets utilized in Top Gun and captures the essence of San Diego and its Military community. 

At prom, students could explore the flight deck, the dance floor, and the various flight simulators such as Air Combat 360, a simulator that allows pilots to spin, roll, and fly through the air. 

The dance was not only exciting because of the stellar location on the water overlooking downtown,andTitans were ecstatic to be able to celebrate and honor some of their favorite classmates with the return of Prom Court. 

“We brought Prom Court back this year because many other schools have included it in their Proms and we thought it would be a fun idea. This year was kind of a trial year to see if our student body liked it or not,” incoming senior class president Emily Andrews said. 

Titans nominated prom court candidates in their homerooms on  May 13. and then voted for the top candidates in their Homeroom Classes on May 20.

“My favorite part about being on the prom court was just the honor of being nominated by my peers,” junior Kiara Bowser said. 

The Prom Court was announced at 10 p.m. and two seniors and two juniors were selected to enjoy this honor. Seniors Craig Benedict and  Dylan Valentine, and Juniors Kiara Bowser and Jermey Byrd received sashes and crowns. 

“My favorite part about being selected to be a part of The Prom Court would have to be the love shown to me by my peers. In addition, hearing the chanting of my name was magnificent,” senior Craig Benedict said. 

“The best part about receiving this honor was all the support I received from my friends and those I didn’t even know,” senior Dylan Valentine said.