Perfect promposals


Prom season has come and gone, and poway student promposals were a highlight of the year. ASB threw a promposal contest this year to capitalize on the nationwide promposal trend. It included two free prom tickets as the grand prize. An instagram account created for this competition,was an instant hit with students. This competition included over 25 submissions, ranging from a nice picnic in the park (Senior Cade Millers promposal to Junior Katelyn Bayerle), to a promposal in front of the entire Padres stadium (Senior Noah Tolentino’s promposal to senior Nathalie Geoffroy) .

One of the fan favorite promposals posted was junior Jeremy Byrd’s promposal to his girlfriend Mia who attends Rancho Bernardo High. He decided to create an original song and sing it in a trio with Brent Cesolini, and Aiden Betts. For most of the competition this stood as the frontrunner, ending with an impressive 656 likes.  “I practiced with the boys, we sang like men. We hold glory in our hearts, even if we didn’t win in the end,” Byrd said 

Another promposal that caught the eyes of Poway students was the Padres game promposal that senior Noah Tolentino coordinated for his girlfriend senior Nathalie Gefferoy. They were attending the Padres game together, and to Gefferoy’s surprise he got the LED screen in the stadium to ask her to prom. This promposal was paired with a funny TikTok that showed the build up to the promposal. This post absolutely exploded with support from fellow Titans, being the second most liked post at 764 likes to date. 

All the posts were unique, from senior Jacob Diaz’s promposal to Charlotte Wear in Mexico, to the hilarious and picturesque Poway Lake Promposal that Abbey Skale put together for her girlfriend Emily Andrews.

Ultimately, the winners of the competition impressed the students at Poway, which not only took the top spot for likes with 698 likes, but also won the hearts of the judging panel. “When I was growing up we didn’t do promposals, so this has been a fun experience for me. It’s been great to see how creative everybody got with the competition,” teacher and judge Satin Abtahi said. 

At the end of the day, the winners were juniors Nico McBride and Kiara Bowser. McBride surprised his girlfriend in the water while they were out in the lake, snorkeling. He came out of the water and his sign spelled out PROM! Kiara Bowser said about her promposal,  “I love my proposal so much! I had no idea it was going to happen. I simply just thought I was going to go out snorkeling with Nico since I’ve been wanting to do it for a long time! When he pulled out the plaque underwater that said “will you go to prom with me? “I was so confused at first because I did not understand where it came from since he hid it under his wetsuit, but when I read it I got so excited and it truly was one of the sweetest things ever. I loved it so much!