Best Pals brings back prom

At the Poway High gym the most magical event took place. The Best pals prom was an event to give the students in our special education program a sensory friendly prom. It was held in the gym on May 13 at 6:00pm. Most of the students in our special education program aren’t able to go to Prom due to the overstimulating factors such as flashing lights.

Around March of 2022, Jackson decided her goal was to bring back the Best Pals prom that was paused for a few years due to COVID-19 restrictions, 

“A lot of the students in our best pals club aren’t able to attend the prom on the Midway due to sensory issues and few nurses,”  Jackson said.The prom was held in the Poway High gym on May 13.

The theme for the prom was “Happily Ever After” which included Disney princesses, Disney decorations, and  a face painting station. “Overall we are super happy with how it went and we received a lot of positive feedback,” Collins said.

The event was a huge hit, with over 100 people attending, including volunteers. Four schools in the district brought students. “I really hope this is an event that continues to happen in the future, I feel that everyone that attended had a lot of fun,” senior Jonathan Garay said.

There are plans to continue this event in the future, “I’m making a document of all that we did to plan this event so it can go just as smoothly in the future,” Jackson said. Jackson spent easily over 100 hours planning this event ontop of being on the swim team while she was planning the entire event.