A heartstopping romance

Heartstopper sets the bar for LGBTQ+ representation.


It took me all of one day to finish the new Netflix series Heartstopper; watching back-to-back episodes was a race to witness the kindling relationship between Charlie Spring and Nick Nelson. Starting with a webcomic, writer of the series, Alice Oseman, homed in on nailing the embodiment of each character to life. The sweet romance draws my heart in, as Heartstopper provides the very needed same sex relationships on screen today.

The show begins after a Christmas break at the Truham Boys school, and Charlie is found in a broken relationship with closeted Ben Hope played by Sebastian Croft. I credit Crofts’s acting for my strong distaste I have for his flippant personality in front of other people on Charlie. Coming out of this toxic relationship, Charlie is distraught and tries to ignore his crush on newfound friend Nick.

Through tip toeing the line from friendship to love, this new friendship shows the toll this move has on Nick’s shoulders. Confusion peaks as Nick comes to confront exploring the boundaries of his sexuality via internet search. I feel like this moment was a reassuring step in the right direction in the blooming of Nick and Charlie’s story.

The show stealer for me are the side characters’ contributions to the storyline, like Elle Argent getting accustomed to her new school as a trans woman. I feel like the friendships she makes at her new school are genuine and as accepting as her friendships at Truham. Another glimpse at a character that caught my attention was Tao Xu’s unmoving middle parted hair that is a surprise but surely not a downfall.

Behind the heartfelt portrayal of LGBTQ+ love in the series, it does not forget to show the menacing judgment from other students. Being openly out does not always consist of a warm welcome with open arms and instead looked down upon. But through Heartstopper’s representation it allows for a new understanding on the need for growth on the old views of love.

From being heartwrenching to heartwarming, this series is a fast eight episode series to lighten your mood.