Stars effortlessly strut down the carpet at the Met Gala

During the world’s biggest of fashion, celebrities show off their fancy and Avant Garde outfits.

Lily Teran, Staff Writer

A night of sequins, tassels, frills, and flickering camera lights, the Met Gala is when the fashion industry shines. This year’s theme was “In America: An Anthology of Fashion”, and with a dress code of “Gilded Glamour,” some outfits stood out to be the best of the best. 

   In the “Avant Garde,” as some would say, some looks created controversy. Nevertheless, some of the biggest stars shimmered down the tri-tone carpet.

It is no surprise that everyone has now seen Kim Kardashian in Marilyn Monroe’s dress. Monroe originally wore the dress in 1962, designed by Jean Louis. I appreciate Kardashian’s homage to Monroe, but she has most definitely stirred the pot by wearing the dress. The dress was not made for a Kardashian, therefore it did not fit properly. She had to wear a white jacket over the back of her dress to cover her rear-end since the seam was open. If the designer created the same dress, but with Kardashian’s measurements, then that dress would have been a much nicer and more flattering. 

When you think of Gilded Glamor, what do you think of? A nice tuxedo for men, a fitting dress for women? Sebastian Stan wore the exact opposite of that. He wore a Valentino all-pink ensemble. Think highlighter pink. What part of Gilded Glamor is that? Despite not matching the theme, his outfit looked very cozy. 

Someone who met the white-tie requirement very nicely was Christine Baranski, who wore Thom Browne. She wore a white button up blouse, paired nicely with an overcoat that had mock sleeves. The overcoat was covered in black sequins, and the sleeves grazed the floor. She wore a long black skirt. Baranski paired her outfit with Kwiat and Fred Leighton jewelry. 

Blake Lively’s color-changing bronze to light blue dress perfectly encapsulated the theme of the night. She went as the Statue of Liberty, and effortlessly matched the carpets, as per usual. She wore Atelier Versace. Lively started the night off in just bronze, but while she was walking up the stairs, her team came and revealed the light blue. It was a dramatic and fabulous moment. Her husband Ryan Reylonds had the cutest reaction to her quick-change on the stairs of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

Regardless of how well everyone dressed, the night delivered with the glitz and glam. It topped the fashion for the year, bringing new looks to the table that are unique, and had people buzzing with excitement to talk about.