Model UN back to tackling world issues


Elliot Husseman represents Charles Whittlesey at the T&T Model UN Conference. The delegates worked together to debate world issues

Lorelei Barry, Staff Writer

Tensions were high as delegates conferred with one another, working to solve pressing global issues. On March 19, the Model UN club attended the T&T Model UN Conference at La Jolla Country Day School March 19. Poway’s delegates juniors David Hulterstrom and Elliott Husseman and sophomores Daniel Hulterstrom and Jacob Hulterstrom were prepped and ready to go with their position papers in hand as the conference began.

At each conference, a different world problem is presented and students are assigned as delegates for different countries. Club president David Hulterstrom represented the Republic of Ireland and worked with other delegates to assist refugees facing rising sea levels.

    “I was drawn to Model UN because I was interested in the ability to be able to represent a country and attempt to solve world problems and debate for it against other delegates,” David Hulterstrom said.

The weekend went well for Poway delegates, with Daniel Hulterstrom receiving the Outstanding Delegate award in his committee and Husseman winning the Best Delegate award in his.

“By far my favorite part of MUN is the unpredictability of it all. In conferences, you can never quite tell what’s going to happen, and that goes a long way to keep things exciting,” Husseman said.

This was the club’s third conference of the season, having previously attended the Knights MUN conference in December and the Laguna Hills MUN conference in February. They are hoping to be able to attend one more conference before the school year ends.

“We will continue to do meetings, and we plan to run our own mock committee session. We are looking to expand on club members and expand the number of events we attend for next year,” advisor Jake Waasted said. 

Happy to be back to in-person conferences after doing things on Zoom the past couple of years, Model UN looks forward to continuing their success at upcoming events.