Morbius sucks, but not blood

Morbius was a huge flop.

   Patience. Patience is what you need to watch Morbius. Everything in this movie feels so strange and off putting. 

   This movie was pretty much what everyone expected. As terrible as this movie is, it was not really a let down because most people had very low expectations anyways. From a very off-putting tone, and a really confusing plot, this movie was just awful.

   Jared Leto plays Michael Morbius, a doctor with a critical disease that stops him from walking normally. His best friend Loxias Crown also has this disease, and they have grown up together. When he thinks that he can find a cure to this illness, he goes overseas for the experiment. The experiment goes absolutely wrong, causing Morbius to turn into a monster that starts killing everyone on board. 

   The first 25 minutes of the movie was actually going well. It was very clear, and the story was very interesting. The movie started going down hill when his best friend Loxias takes the serum when Morbius tells him not to. Loxias, the villain of the movie, was too chaotic and over the top. The writers were very inconsistent with Loxias’s character, because they tried to make him scary, but then they had a scene of him dancing to a song in a cartoonish way. 

   There was a really rushed reveal that made no sense. It was very strange how the villain quickly learned how to use his new powers, and then randomly kill someone when the whole rest of the movie he seemed like a good guy. 

   I will say I think Matt Smith did a great job as Loxias Crown, and for the first 25 minutes he was really compelling. The CGI as well was really cool, and the design for Morbius was very freaky, but also super cool. 

   Overall, if you have any desire to watch this movie, go in with the lowest expectations possible.