Mochi + Doughnut ?


Carson Timbol, Staff Writer

Is it a donut? Is it mochi? Is it both?! The newly built Mochinut donut chain has people going crazy to fulfill their sweet tooth in a way they probably never would have before.
Their treats differ from normal donuts by having a chewier consistency, as a mochi treat would. The store opened its doors to the public on March 4, and offers many different flavored donuts, with a rotating menu. When I went, they had Cookie Monster that looked like the famous muppet, decorated in blue, with marshmallows to emulate his eyes. There was also Peach, and Dark Chocolate, along with their consistent flavors of Glazed, and Churro.
After I saw their options laid out in front of me, I ordered the Cookie Monster, Peach, and Dark Chocolate. For three donuts the price was nine dollars. The Cookie Monster Mochinut tasted very sweet, and the marshmallows contributed to the amount of sweetness. It tastes like their original donut but sweeter.
The next one I tried was the Peach, which was not the best. It was extremely overwhelming, and it had a creamy-peachy flavor,
which was
unpleasant. Sprinkled on top, were rock candies which did not help the flavor at all.
The last one, Dark Chocolate, was probably the best. It was chewier than all of the other Mochinuts, and tasted like a glazed chocolate donut – absolute perfection.
My experience at Mochinut was overall pleasant. The line was not too long — I waited about ten minutes — and their donuts were warm and fresh. It was worth the visit.