Vengeance rains into movie theaters


As a goon gets battered in the face by the fist of Gotham’s greatest detective, Robert Pattison’s Batman looks up and delivers the line “I’m Vengeance.”
The highly anticipated new Batman movie hit theaters on March 4. The revamp of the Batman character stars Robert Pattison playing Bruce Wayne, also known as Batman. It has a stacked cast with Zoe Kravitz playing Catwoman, Andy Serkis playing Alfred, and Paul Dano as the Riddler.
The Batman focuses on a much darker version of the city known as Gotham. Batman in this universe is in his second year of crime fighting and detective work.
Batman captures the features of a young Bruce Wayne as he struggles to live both lives while describing himself as nocturnal animal who goes out at night. He is immature and still makes mistakes throughout the film, even while being a detective.
The main villain is The Riddler. Dano explores the darkness of the character. In previous adaptations they portray the character in a goofy and non-serious role, such as Jim Carrey playing the character in the 1995 Batman Forever. However, the Riddler in this franchise is way more serious and is actually based on some aspects of the Zodiac Killer. Danos’ acting is intense and he really seems like a physcopath.
The movie did really well in theaters and is already confirmed to be the start of a trilogy. Not just that, but The Penguin, played by Colin Ferrel, is getting his own spinoff show coming to HBO Max soon.
The action throughout the movie is amazing and very cinematic. When Batman starts up his Batmobile in a dark alley, it really captures the fear in the dark. One of the most memorable scenes is Batman walking out of a pit of fire to confront the Penguin, but the camera angle is flipped upside down to really create the atmosphere of fear.
This is easily the most dark and broody Batman to grace theaters. Throughout the film, Pattison does not smile once, showing how dark his mindset is and how much emotional damage he is battling. He struggles to find a balance of being Bruce Wayne and Batman, since he is still a young vigilante.
It is a very enjoyable film and is highly respected among Batman fans. For those who are into dark mystery detective movies, I highly recommend this movie.