Han handles Titan TV


Gabriella Lazaro, Staff Writer

Starting up her computer, senior Cecilia Han eagerly waits for Final Cut Pro to load,  ready to enhance her peers’ video segments and ensure all final touches are completed to the weekly school broadcast, Titan TV.

Han has been involved in broadcast journalism since freshman year, completing a total of nine trimesters. This year she took the position of program director for Friday segments. 

“I’m in charge of 10 other students in the classroom and help them with their sections. I also put everything together and upload it to YouTube,” Han said. On top of that, she is the main anchor for Friday’s broadcast. 

Han is proud of the way her skills have advanced. “I have always been interested in film and, especially, editing, so I wanted to further my experience as a student,” Han said. 

Broadcast journalism teacher Robert Kaechele is proud of the effort she puts into Friday’s broadcast. 

“She is good at management, very polite, calm, and handles stress and pressure well. She has all the characteristics of a strong leader,” Kaechele said. 

Over the years Han has cultivated tremendous amounts of new skills while building her film portfolio. She enjoys the various tasks involved with broadcast journalism; however, she says her favorite part is “ I get to use my creativity and learn something different.

Her peers value Han’s dedication, hard work, and helpfulness. “She is always willing to drop what she is doing to help someone in our class,” senior Sophia Ching said.

Broadcast journalism has made a pivotal mark on Han throughout her high school journey.

“I am thankful that I decided to take this elective freshman year because I have decided to major in broadcast journalism in college next year,” said Han.