Coachella gathers fans from afar


Karishma Kansal, Staff Writer

Fashion, friends, and bright lights characterize the music festival Coachella as a worldwide attraction. Some Titans hit the ground running this spring by attending the Coachella in Indio, California.
People come from around the globe to experience Coachella firsthand.
“Everyone was having a good time, partying and just enjoying being there,” senior Taylor Hicks said. She described meeting a group coming in from Australia.
Many artists performed live in indoor and outdoor theaters such as Harry Styles, Conan Gray, and Billie Eilish. “It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be with the crowds, but the dust was pretty bad sometimes,” Hicks says. Though there was no vaccination, testing, or mask requirements, masks were recommended just for desert dust.
The music was not the only art being displayed at the festival. “Of course, I took pictures by the amazing art installations that were scattered throughout the festival,” senior Patricia Bandrup said.
The art consisted of 3-D structures featuring things from towers to domes. Food trucks and activities lined up for anyone with an admission ticket.
Most stayed overnight, either by camping or in AirBNB’s.
“I’m staying in a Hotel in Palm Springs,” senior Izzy Grieme said before she left last week.“I’m most excited to see The Weeknd, Doja Cat, Jami XX and Joji,”she added.
Many popular artists were invited for the two weekends to perform and create a memorable experience.
Coachella is an immersive experience filled with bad suntans, pop-up tents and extravagant outfits to populate Instagram feeds for weeks.