Bridgerton returns


Olivia Brown, Staff Writer

Lady Whistledown, and scandals that could ruin families have returned with Bridgerton. The gossip this season has new romances and more secrets revealed.
The highly anticipated season two of Bridgerton described by some as Pride and Prejudice meets Gossip Girl, will definitely not disappoint with the romantic, scandalous, and even feminist scenes.
The new social season is starting, and the Bridgertons return to introduce their second eldest daughter, Eloise Bridgerton. All eyes are on Eloise, for the pressure is high for her to impress the Queen. Her older sister Daphne was the Queen’s diamond, and had the most successful marriage in the last season.
Not only is the tension high for Eloise, but also for Viscount Anthony Bridgerton. As the man of the house, he must finally find a proper lady to court, marry, and raise children with.
Penelope Featherington, Eloise’s best friend, and the Bridgertons’ neighbor, continues to hide her identity behind her pen as Lady Whistledown.
Revealed at the end of the previous season, Penelope continues to release everyone’s secrets and crazy opinions in her publications.
In one issue, she even shares her opinion about how she believes that the women do not get enough of their own choices during the social season.
But this season, best friends, families, and crushes will get in her way of publishing news, and they will force Penelope to make difficult decisions.
To stir the pot even more this social season, the Queen chooses Edwina Sharma as her diamond, not so coincidentally catching the eye of the Viscount. As the new sisters to the town, Edwina and Kate quickly warm up to everyone due to the hospitality of Lady Danbury.
Throughout the show, Anthony is caught in a secret love triangle including himself and the Sharma sisters. Personally, I think Anthony and Kate are perfect for each other.
The season ends with intentions of Lady Whistledown to be continued, happy marriages, and broken friendships that wrap up the season well.