MARVELous Moon Knight makes mystery


Imagine waking up in a whole new personality that is not yours. Oscar Issac plays the main character in Disney Plus’s new series Moon Knight. The show continues to expand the Marvel Cinematic Universe with this 6th series.
Moon Knight is unique as it features split personality disorder within the main character so one actor plays two roles.This makes the show more complex and intriguing as Oscar Issac displays his acting chops.
Issac plays the role of Steven Grant, an Englishman who lives an insignificant life. He is very shy but has a classy charm. At the start, the show explores how he thinks, how he sleeps and how he believes that he sleep walks at night. However, it is later revealed that he is not sleep walking but existing as his other personality, MarcSpector.
Spector is a gritty rough American mercenary, nothing like Steven at all. Issac plays both roles to perfection as he is able to switch from a pitiable British man to a merciless American man effortlessly. It shows why so many people were excited for Issac to take on this role as Moon Knight because of the wide variety of acting skills he displays. He’s very convincing.
The action of the show is amazing as well. Fight scenes feel smooth and not forced nor rushed. As an audience member you feel relief when the super hero suit is revealed since it feels earned rather than random. The pacing feels good as well, considering all of the character work the director had to develop in a six-episode season.
Viewers will not feel overwhelmed by the different characters getting introduced and will feel comfortable and connected to the main character thanks to Issac’s acting. He really dove deep into making this character his own and unique.
Another great part of the show is the villain. Ethan Hawke plays Arthur Harrow convincingly. His motives are clear from the start. He wants to release an evil god named Ammit. The show demonstrates his beliefs of the Egyptian gods and how they affect this universe from this point. Hawke and Issac are perfect counterparts who bring out the best in each other’s acting.
With people already claiming this to be the best Disney Plus series out of the six, it is clearly loved.