Games 4 All inspires inclusivity


Clubs come in all varieties, with inclusivity in mind. A club angled towards everyone, Games 4 All, was started this year by junior Abbey Skale. “I started my club to connect the school with the community and to spread acceptance,” Skale said. The club organizes trips to a housing unit and plays many games with the adults there. 

With more people in the club than what was anticipated, the members play games like Checkers, Uno, Yahtzee, and Bingo. The ultimate goal for Games 4 All is to create an environment that shows how friendships can be made, despite people’s differences. 

Games 4 All meets the first Monday of each month at lunch in room N5-202, APEC and World History teacher Robert Talley’s room. Games 4 All also volunteers at Villa de Vida, a housing unit on Oak Knoll Road for adults with developmental disabilities. “I have had a great experience in this club. It is always super fun when we volunteer,” club treasurer and secretary Bradi Beireis said. 

Seeing social divides in her community, Skale formed Games 4 All to help influence people to be friends with everyone, regardless of their differences. “I hope that my club teaches students how to interact and make friendships with people outside of their normal social realm,” Skale said. This helps Skale spread acceptance and inclusion around campus and can help members feel more comfortable around other people. 

Students can gain volunteer hours by joining Games 4 All. “I encourage anyone who wants to help out and be a bigger part of the community to join,” Games 4 All Vice President Emily Andrews said. Anyone is welcome to join by emailing [email protected], and you can join anytime in the school year.