Madame Dugo masters fashion


Natasha Phanthavong, Staff Writer

With swift changes from gloomy rain to beaming rays, Titans’ will to choose an outfit to fit the weather draws thin. While people will normally not take into consideration a big coat fitting for all-day attire, teacher Milena Dugo represents the exception with her cherished coats and jackets serving as a chic statement of style.

As the resident French teacher on campus, Dugo’s sense of fashion utilizes clothes from throughout her travels. “Madame has a vast closet and always has something new every day,” freshman Logan Hooper said. Walking into Dugo’s classroom seems like a parade of compliments every day as students get a glance at another timeless outfit.

Being used to the colder winters of Canada, Dugo tends to gravitate towards sweaters as a staple piece. Paired with a selection of shoes and handbags, it elevates the outfit to be a representation of comfort while being herself. “Be mindful that it is not necessary to spend a lot of money to look stylish” Dugo said.

Willing to try new things are not out of the question for Dugo, but most hair days are finished off with a claw clip. A sleek updo or half up hairstyle are the typical day-to-day looks that suit the classic and refined look Dugo sticks to. 

 Dugo says she cannot take credit for all of her outfit ideas, as she owes her fashion taste to her mom and Jacqueline Kennedy. Throughout Dugo’s fashion journey she has combed through her mom’s closet and found pieces that she could not find herself parting with. Ultimately, she ties in the retro jackets into her everyday wardrobe and cherishes the items like her own.

“I always come to class excited. It’s always fun to see what Madame conjures up next,” sophomore Juliana Wass-Williams said.

But as the school year progresses there have been some onlookers who have disagreed with some of Dugo’s fashion choices. Strutting into class with a popped collar for the day, some thought it was a mistake and questioned Dugo about it. She explained it was meant to be up and was the usual normal choice in her fashion scene.

At length, Dugo is an advocate of dressing for the occasion and continues to use clothes as an extension of her as a person, and the places she has visited.