Staff Editorial: It’s getting hot in here


Marin Colville & Reace Rinehart, Editor-in-Chief

As if high school students weren’t already sweaty enough, moving into the hotter weather with subpar air conditioning (AC) in many of the classrooms is sending perspiration and discomfort levels at Poway High through the roof. While there has been a promise for years from administration of fixing the wonky AC units in many of the hottest buildings on campus, the lack of change is as obvious as the growing sweat beads on students’ foreheads and the thermostats that read over 80 degrees. Heat makes it increasingly difficult to learn when students are melting in their seats.
While many students and staff think the problem lies with administration, it’s actually a much deeper and complicated issue according to Assistant Principal Gannon Burks. Not only is our school over 60 years old and rocking outdated AC systems, the Poway Unified School District (PUSD) maintenance department is understaffed. With over 35 different schools to oversee, workers are stretched thin.
Students expect that on a hot day, walking into a classroom will bring relief compared to the heat waves outside, but there have been cases when indoors is actually hotter than outdoors. At times like these, students and teachers sometimes can be moved into neighboring classrooms. Although this temporary solution helps to avoid heatstroke, some teachers just don’t have the luxury of moving all their equipment and students. For example, how could students in Digital Media work on their films away from the classroom’s technology and gear?
In contrast to baking classrooms, there are some classrooms on campus that run too cold, where students have to pack a jacket specifically for that period. This is also an issue, but when it is hot, there are only so many layers that can be taken off in the absence of cold air in a hot room.
The lack of stable AC is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. But while we wait for PUSD to answer our request, administration will continue to make students and teachers as comfortable as possible by either moving classes around or supplying fans. Heading into summer and some of the hottest months of the year, the best Titans can do is dress in layers.