Students suddenly kicked out of cars


Having a first period off-roll is super nice until you come to school and cannot find anywhere to park. Coming to school earlier would be a great solution, except students get in trouble for sitting in their cars and not entering the school campus.
Students are not allowed to sit in their cars during their off-roll periods because it is considered loitering. Resource Officer Marshall Abbott explained that whether students are in their cars in the parking lot or not, students are still the school’s responsibility. The rule is put in place for the students’ safety. A couple years ago, a girl was sitting in her car during her off-roll period and was vaping and passed out. If something were to happen that resulted in an injury, it would fall back on the school. Principal Richard Nash has made it a rule that students are not allowed to sit in their cars during school hours, off-rolls periods or at lunch. While this rule upsets many students, some think it is understandable since you are on school property and still under their care.
I do not think this rule is very fair since some students get random off-rolls when they drop classes. A student that has a second period off-roll is expected to either stay on campus or leave campus and come back but what do students do on Mondays when the periods are shorter? There is no time to leave and go somewhere and arrive back on time.
Students enjoy sitting in their cars because it gives them privacy to do their work and is an escape from the school environment. A lot of students prefer to work alone and usually work better by themselves without distractions from people and things around them. Staying inside the campus would distract students from doing their work due to people wandering around and some classes teaching outside.
Students who have a first off-roll can never find parking and are often late to their second period because of the parking issue. Students have tried coming to school earlier to find parking so they aren’t late to school, but they get told to leave because students are not allowed to sit in in the parking lot unsupervised.
I think students should be allowed to sit in their cars during school hours if they have off-rolls because it prevents them from being tardy to their next period, and it is unfair to ask students to unnecessarily use gas to leave the campus to come back half an hour later.
We should be allowed to sit in our cars during lunch as well because some students, myself included, have food in their cars to eat instead of having to drive off campus. During times like this when the weather is warmer, students prefer to sit in their air conditioned car rather than outside in the heat. We should not be punished for sitting in our own cars if we do not have a class.