Hangman the band gets fans rockin´


All four members of Hangman spend their Saturday night singing for customers at Aztec Brewing.

Junior Elle Walton is the lead singer of the band Hangman, and is backed by junior Ryan Bond on the guitar along with other students from Westview and Mt. Carmel. 

“Ryan and I met originally many years ago through our voice teacher, and we met the rest of the band through a music program called the School of Rock,” Walton said. 

Hangman mostly covers hard and alternative rock songs. They pick up gigs where they perform live at breweries, festivals, and private events such as Rip Current Brewing, Poway’s Americana Festival, and the San Marcos Harvest Festival. 

“One of my favorite shows we actually played was for Westview’s homecoming. Everyone was super psyched up for that, and it was awesome playing for people our age, since older people tend to like our music,” Bond said.

While the band mostly covers hard rock songs, they also have a few of their own original songs. Elle, also the band’s songwriter, has written 11 original songs for the band. “I definitely look up to Phoebe Bridgers in terms of songwriting,” Walton said.

Bond, a big fan of the Beatles, also has a few favorites he likes to play on the guitar. “As far as our songs, I really like ‘Cry.’ I also really like one of our songs called ‘Brand New’ and another one called ‘Hope You Know,’” Bond said.

Although Hangman does not have any current streaming platforms, they are working on a record for all their original songs they hope to release in the summer. “We are trying to work out an EP with a producer named Dusk Bennett. And once that’s done it should be on Spotify,” Bond said.

Even though the band has not made its debut on streaming platforms, there are other ways Titans can support their peers’ band. Follow them @thebandhangman on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date on all of the band’s shows, and catch them live at Aztec Brewing on April 2 from 2-5 p.m.