Slocomb: a rising, shining star


Karishma Kansal, Staff Writer


Sophomore Valerie Slocomb is one of Poway’s rising stars in acting, singing, and film production. Classes like Digital Media Production give way to her short films such as “Paint with Protest,” “Moral Dilemma,” and “Perfection.” 

“She’s creating a mastery to her own art,” Digital Media teacher Robert Kaechele said, adding “Everything’s been done, so it’s hard to be creative in a repetitive environment. Everything gets duplicated and modified now rather than comes from osmosis. She’s an osmosis-kind-of-person,” He describes her as a quick learner and an amazing singer.

Slocomb displays her singing voice in Poway High’s Sound Production Course. “She has an amazing ear too. You can’t buy that. It’s hard to teach that. You gotta have it. She’s got it,” Kaechele said

 Slocomb worked with fellow musicians sophomore Owen Nagel and senior Gavin Jones to record tracks, singing over their instrumentals. “She’s probably one of the coolest people and really good singers that I’ve worked with,” Nagel said. The three covered tracks like “Would” by Alice in Chains and “Back to Black” by Amy Winehouse. 

Though classically trained, Slocomb can easily adapt to whatever track is given to her. This shines through not only in the studio, but on stage as well.

Slocomb was the lead in the San Diego Musical Theaters (SDMT) pre-professional production of Rent in October 2021. She worked alongside many experienced actors, Broadway artists, and Tony award winners.

During summer of 2021, Slocomb attended the La Jolla Playhouse Acting Conservatory, a five-week program of professional training that builds theater performance skills.

Slocomb has also acted in the short film “Bullying POV,” which is currently being displayed in the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles. 

As for future projects, the Crossroads School for the Arts and Sciences in Santa Monica recently accepted the upcoming starlet where she’ll be moving after the end of the school year.

Being so young with such an extensive resume, Slocomb will soon outshine our Poway bubble and go on to much bigger things.