There has been a murder on the nile!

This shocking murder mystery is very exciting and suspenseful!


Elijah Burnett, Staff Writer

   The Death on the Nile promised a thrilling and suspenseful film, and that is exactly what it provided. With Kenneth Branagh playing the “world’s greatest detective” in Hercule Poirot and Gal Gadot playing the rich and charming Linnet Ridge, this movie was very fun to watch. I found myself at the edge on my seat watching scene after scene. 

   When newly engaged Simon Doyle and Linnet Ridgeway decide to have a huge celebration party on a boat, a lot of mysterious behavior begins to happen. Everyone on the boat has a reason to kill, but which one acted on it?

   This movie was a remake of the 1937 book with the same title. In 1978, they turned the book into a live action film. Thirty-seven years later, the 2017 movie titled “Murder on the Orient Express” follows Detective Poirot and his partner Bouc. It follows the same plot elements as the prior book and movie, but also being very unique and different. With stars like Johnny Depp, Willem Defoe, Kenneth Branagh, and Tom Bateman, it quickly became a fan favorite. 

   When they announced that they are going to make this movie for the third time, fans were not too excited as they have seen the same story three times before. But as they watched the 2022 version they quickly realized that this was a very different story. An example of this is the character Bouc, played by Tom Bateman. In the prior stories he is just the likable partner of the main detective. But in this new version there is a major plot twist with his character that gives him huge character depth and makes him a lot more interesting and likable than he already is.  

   I personally really enjoyed this movie and recommend watching it. The story was very well-written and each character had a lot of depth. The plot twist in hindsight may seem predictable, but the execution was phenomenal and gave each character a motive to kill.