Dion is all grown up now

The second season of Raising Dion has come out and he is learning new powers!


Suhail Rahimi, Staff Writer

The new second season  of Raising Dion starts with villain Brayden (played by Griffin Faulkner), at the arcade. A man tries to rob Brayden as soon as he leaves the arcade, but  the guy does not know that Brayden had powers and what happens next is unfortunate. Raising Dion is a series adaptation of the 2015 comic of the same name by Dennis Liu. Liu was also an executive producer for the show. 

The audience rating on rotten tomatoes of Raising Dion season two is 35%, it is way less than season one. I agree with the rating because it had a lot of filler episodes, most of the show was pointless this season.

Ja’Siah Young plays the main character Dion surprisingly well for his age. In the first season . . .

In the new season, Dion trains his powers at BIONA with his trainer Tevin played by Rome Flynn, who is also a love interest to Dion’s mom. Tevin is a really good character. He makes the show interesting since he has powers like Dion. Nicole Reese, played by Alisha Wainwright, was scared of talking to powered men because of her last relationship. I think when Nicole did not date Tevin because he was like Dion’s dad, powered, and that relationship did not end well.

A villain named Pat (played by Jason Ritter) from season one reappears in the second season. He was known as “The Crooked Man.” This character was one of my favorites in the first season because of how he was friends with both the main character and the villain. Pat had powers of an evil lightning monster that made him kill, in season two he comes back with intent to help, but the monster is still out there. Dion is not very happy about Pat being there due to what happened last season..

The lightning monster still wants to kill Dion by using Brayden. Brayden has the powers of telepathy and uses it for his advantage since he is now evil. 

I would rate the new season of Raising Dion 3/10.The first season’s plot was definitely better and all the acting in season one is more realistic in my opinion.