Valentine’s Day: a day to celebrate what exactly?

February 14 is notorious for being a holiday dedicated to love, but what is it really about?

Lily Teran , Staff Writer

Every year on February 14, couples gather in droves for picturesque, romantic dates. After all, it is a day dedicated to love. The idea of Valentine’s Day is worldwide. On the surface, there seems to be no problem with embracing love, but when you dive deeper, this holiday is over-celebrated. 

People expect to receive gifts, and will spend about $164.76 on making their loved ones happy. If you truly love someone, should you have to buy them gifts to show them your affection? Do couples really need a holiday to remind them to love their partner? 

What is really the difference between Valentine’s Day and any other day of the year? It is still another day of the week, with 24 hours in the day.  It could be the name. But, celebrating love on the day of martyr is a little strange to me. 

Saint Valentine was not exactly affiliated with love, at least, that is not what he is known for. He is known for being the patron saint of beekeepers, epilepsy, and Terni, (the city in Italy where he was born). His Saint’s Day however, is commonly associated with love. 

There is some confusion in terms of what is actually being celebrated. Are we celebrating love with the people we value the most, or are we celebrating a martyr that has nothing to do with the concept? 

There is also a lack of inclusivity in the holiday. For many, the common example of a couple would be a man and a woman. In 2022, it should be normal to be accepting of same-sex relationships, not sticking to the heteronormative view points of the last century. Breaking those barriers would be great. Normalizing, and teaching people, specifically younger children that couples come in all races, religions, and genders would help progressiveness on the globe. 

We should be celebrating the people we love every single day. Whether you get your loved ones chocolates and roses on Valentine’s Day or celebrate them on a different day, at least I know I will be benefiting from the clearance chocolates on February 15.