Life Lessons While Teaching Piano Lessons

Senior Jaden Vallese Starting His Own Business

Sitting on the edge of the bench a student’s hands are relaxed in front of them, resting on the slick black and white keys of the piano. As the pianist begins to play, music seeps from the large instrument, a tsunami of noise or waves of gentle harmony. Sitting next to the student is senior Jaden Vallese, who has taught piano lessons for the past year.

Vallese has played the piano since he was 10 years old. Like Vallese, many pianists begin young, their skills improving with age. His students fall between 6-12 years of age.

“I teach a wide range of skilled students. Some are learning the basics like scales or simple songs, and others are learning detailed pieces that take more advanced practice,” he said.

Not only are his piano skills impressive, but Vallese juggles work, school, and sports all at once. Owning his own business has been beneficial to managing a healthy balance of extracurriculars. 

“Being my own boss allows me to make my own schedule, which helps work around lacrosse. Scheduling can also be a lot of work sometimes, and I have noticed that I am learning management skills that I will take with me as I get older,” he said.

In his senior year, he has been able to attend school dances, football games, and other events – all because he plans his own schedule. He can make memories with his friends and simultaneously help his mental health.

“Since I can book lessons whenever they work best for me, I’m also managing my stress. I know my limits as to how much work I can take on,” he said.

Owning his own business and being his own boss has not come easy, even though teaching young aspiring pianists makes him happy.