Mitski Saves Lives


Singer-Songwriter Mitski is back after 3 years for the promotion and release of her long awaited sixth album, Laurel Hell. Mitski’s unspoken stories shine through her lyrics and hold a charm of a different interpretation for each listener. Her discography intertwines slow melancholy beats with heavy instrumentals in one piece, making the pace of a Mitski song not fully tied to a concrete genre of music. 

Having announced her indefinite hiatus in late 2019, fans worried about the return of Mitski but valued the singer’s mental health over her releases. During the break Mitski prioritized her limitations in the music industry and rethought the track of her life without singing. Through this she shifted her outlook on writing just her own experiences, to now communicate ideas to any person willing to listen.

“This is who I am. I’m going to keep getting hurt, and I’m still going to do it, because this is the only thing I can do.’” Mitski told Rolling Stones.

The album opens with “Valentine, Texas,” keeping theme to the tempo change packed into each song. I feel like this song is similar to another of Mitski’s works, “Crack Baby.” Halfway through the monotone beat of the song it is replaced with a strong chord change that balances well with the rollercoaster of Mitski’s projection for each lyric. 

Following behind is “Working for the Knife” that represents a reflection on her double sided choice of bowing out of the music world. “That I’m living for the knife. I always thought the choice was mine.” She uses a metaphor to the “Knife” as an opposing force that suppressed her value as a person, and confused it with the thought of monetary value. This song nails the uneasy feeling of being unable to shake the idea of living idly whilst time slips through your hands.


My personal favorite track has to be “Should’ve Been Me.” It plays with a more fast-paced rhythm alongside emotions of hasty feelings for a sudden replacement that leaves a lasting impression. Battling ideas of betrayal from her past relationship, she realizes the result of her isolation was to blame for the breakup. Mitksi paints a picture of the faults in relationships that should be held accountable for both parties.

Overall Mitski is a musical gem to our era and the new album connects deep struggles into verses. This album offers a guaranteed no-skip listening experience that can lift your mood throughout. With just a snippet of the eleven song release, music lovers can not fall back on the Mitski train.