Robotics FTC Kickoff Tournament

Karishma Kansal, Staff Writer

Team Spyder and Spyder Too are going steady after a successful First Tech Challenge FTC kickoff against schools in San Diego. Teams are only eliminated from the next tournament and forward, but this event was to help everyone get a feel of what they’re up against.

Freight Frenzy is a game where the robots compete to pick up rubber ducks on platforms before the time limit runs out. The referees are assessing how many points each robot earned.
Sophomore Kelly Wampler spectates her team’s robot in Freight Frenzy. Hoping to score a win Wampler encourages her team to stack as many ducks on their tower.
Laptops display the robots code, which gives the driver the ability to control the machine. Volunteers set up the arena by preparing the towers in the right position.
Members of the opposing team observe the robots compete while volunteers make sure everything runs smoothly.
Further into Freight Frenzy, wiffle balls and rubber ducks are piled onto the towers as the robots race against the clock.