Kiara B: the key to ASB

Bowser takes charge as new ASB president for the upcoming year


Kiara Bowser

The voting began as each name was circled to decide the future of new ASB leaders. Junior Kiara Bowser who was elected president of ASB knows how stressful it can be running for a new position. 

Her opponent, Rhett Jorgensen has been in ASB for five years and put up a tough fight, creating a competitive environment; both candidates made watching the election roll out entertaining. 

“Rhett is one of my closest friends and is such an amazing person, and so having someone so mature as him to talk to throughout that stressful week was so nice,” Bowser said. 

Bowser has been involved in ASB for nine years and was relieved to hear she is the new president. “While serving my time as president, one of the biggest things I’d like to achieve is help make Titans more excited and spirited to be at school. ASB is going to try and make our student section and spirit days as hype as possible.” 

The Associated Student Body (ASB) plans all the events and dances, as well as educational events to make students’ high school experience the best it can be. ASB helps create memories that last a lifetime and bring titan pride. 

Junior Emily Andrews campaigned hard to win her spot as the 2023 Class President. “We had a meeting and were given the rules for our campaign week. It is required that you make a speech,” Andrews said. She is so excited to plan all the upcoming events and to take on the new responsibilities; planning singled out, the most spirited titan, prom with Bowser, and she will make a speech on the first day of school. 

Election week is stressful for those who are running. Trying to win people’s votes is difficult. “I made posters, a video, a website, and had a questionnaire site,” Andrews said. 

Junior Emily Cook has been a part of ASB since she was in seventh grade, “With the election process, you first fill out an ASB application for what position you would like to be in ASB. The first application is the Executive/Class President application and the second is the Commissioner,” 

Bowser is practical in her approach to her new job, “There’s always going to be people that aren’t going to like your ideas, but that doesn’t make you less of a person.”