Community College has lots to offer

Elie Raad, Staff Writer

Community College is a way for more than 25 percent of students to earn college credit without scholarships, help from their parents, or mounds of student debt, according to The Foundation For California Community Colleges. There are eight community colleges in San Diego county, among them are San Diego City College, Palomar Community College, and San Diego Miramar College. Community College was Tuesday night February 8. Counselors and administrators from colleges all over San Diego came to speak on the benefits they can offer students.

Community College is a two year program where you can attend college for 174 dollars, in-state and 788 for out-of-state, compared to a four-year university where the average cost is 8118 dollars. 

Community Colleges offer a transfer program where you can graduate from a four year university after completing two years in community college. “Students find success in the transfer and associate attainment,” Outreach Specialist Alijandro Riano said. Students can get an associates degree and transfer to a private in- or out-of-state university for another two years and graduate with their bachelors.

Community colleges also have great financial aid opportunities. “We offer a student promise where the first year of school is free to all students and as well as the second for those who qualify,” Miramar Counselor Chantel Hernadez said. 

Community college provides many different opportunities and pathways for students. “We offer over 150 different degrees and programs,” Outreach Mentor for Miramar College Britney Price said. The deadline to apply is Apr 16, 2022 for priority registration, the sooner you apply the more likely you are to get placed in the classes you want.