Band makes their debut under the freeway

Hot Hands plays in their first show as a newly formed group

Microphone feedback reverberates through your rib cage underneath the maze of highways. The band finally fires up and guitar riffs fill the air. This is the first time Hot Hands has played in concert, and it is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

 “My expectations were highly exceeded. It was a mix of great music and interesting style,” sophomore Rosalie Townshend said. 

Seniors Gavin Jones and Adam Walter, and sophomore Owen Nagel make up the band Hots Hands. They had their first concert on Feb.5 under the 805 freeway, opening for bands like Dead Rosetta and Erratic Impulse. 

As a fairly newer group, they covered songs like “Toe Cutter-Thumb Buster” by Thee Oh See’s and “Booty” by Tanner. The band plays primarily rock music with Nagel on drums, and Jones as their lead singer and a guitarist along with Walter.

Hot Hands began with Jones and Walter, their third member, Nagel, joined later. “We asked Owen if he wanted to play drums with us, and we became a band from there,” Jones said.

Jones and Nagel both have other bands of their own, No Captives and Migraine. These bands continue to perform live. This, however, is Adam Walter’s first time being in a band.

Despite being self-taught, the three are very talented and their passion for music shines through their performance. “The performance was unique, the crowd was energetic, and the band sounded fantastic,” sophomore Lily Karbosky said.

You’d think emotions are typically high before a show, though Owen Nagel says, “We were all pretty calm before the show. We know as long as we went out there we’d have fun.”

With this performance serving as a look into Hot Hand’s future, bright show lights and sold-out venues await these three musicians.