Borboa’s skills stuns crowds

Poway High Band member masters the trumpet and bugle


With trumpet in hand, senior Eman Borboa confidently walks out onto the dark stage, eventually making his way to the front to firmly plant his feet and take his final breath in silence before the bright spotlight beams down onto him. The minute the light appears to highlight Borboa, the energy in the crowd becomes ecstatic and continues to increase as he moves his trumpet towards starting position. 

Borboa is an experienced member of the Poway High Band and has been consistently playing instruments since he was young. His favorite genre of music to play is jazz. 

“I have been in band since 5th grade up until now, playing trumpet. I like jazz because It helps me reduce negative emotions, evoke happiness, and have positive feelings,” he said.

Borboa’s original private trumpet and bugling teacher Michael Timson has opened many doors for Borboa throughout his musical career. 

“I introduced him to lessons with Arturo Sandoval in Los Angeles, The Young Lions Jazz Conservatory here in San Diego, and the art of bugling to render honor to our fallen soldiers,” Timson said.

The knowledge and skills that he has acquired from attending each of these top-notch lessons have opened up opportunities to allow Borboa to continue to enhance his musical career post-high school.

NGJO formally known as Next Generation Jazz Orchestra has offered Borboa various options for college.

 “I have two scholarship opportunities to both SDSU and Berklee School of Music, all from “NGJO” where only 5 trumpets in the nation get chosen to audition and attend,” said Borboa.

His friends in the band appreciate Borboa’s incredible abilities.

“He worked hard to get where he is musically, and it is always shown whenever he performs,” senior Henry Ambrose said.

This talented Titan has come far these last 7 years and is ready to flourish after high school. 

“Poway’s Music Program was blessed by Eman’s talents for four years… his high school legacy will continue when he starts his own coaching and guidance for future Titans after graduation,” Timson said. “I am looking forward to Eman’s music’s influence on the future Students of Poway High…and the world.”