Lady titans take the win

Poway’s girls Flag Football team wins 26-13


Elie Raad, Staff Writer

On Jan. 20 Poway High’s most athletic senior girls competed against the juniors in a flag football game where the victorious Lady Titans (the seniors) beat the Big Green (the juniors) 26 to 13. 

 All the upperclassmen showed up for the game that the girls had prepared for the last two weeks. The teams were coached by Poway High Seniors Eric Gant, Ben Koziner, and Tyler Burmeister. “I wanted the girls to have a great experience with the sport I love, and I thought it was just something I could do for them,” Burmeister said.

Gant, Koziner, and Burmeister were all on the sidelines showing support and watching the girls’ hard work pay off.

Many of the girls on the team were athletes themselves. Field Hockey and Lacrosse player, senior Rachel Sandstrom, was one of the star players of the night and really enjoyed the experience. 

“I wanted to play because I love watching football so I thought it would be super fun to try it, and for pretty much anything athletic or competitive, you can count me in,” Sandstrom said.

The MVP of the game senior Alyssa Bean scored two touchdowns and ran over 200 yards. “It felt really good! I wasn’t too sure how playing flag football would go so it was thrilling when it happened. It was so nice to be a part of something as one big team. I’m definitely looking forward to the next game. It’ll be fun going out and playing our biggest rivals,” Bean said.

According to Burmeister, Poway’s Lady Titans have a good chance of beating Rancho Bernardo in the next game and the team is looking forward to the challenge.