How to spend your time while awaiting college admission decisions.

Corinne Loosbrock, Staff Writer

      Most would argue that the most dreaded part of senior year is submitting college applications. They can be extremely time consuming, but imagine the relief when you finally submit your last application.

         There is an awkward period of time when you submit your application and when you receive your admission decisions. Teachers and counselors are stressing to students to use the time wisely. 

         Senioritis is something senior teachers have been seeing for years, “Senioritis is real, and you should do everything in your power to not catch it. Colleges can and will rescind your acceptance to their institution,” Jacob Waasted said. 

         After submitting applications, GPA tends to not be on seniors’ radars as much anymore. The “C” or better rule can become very prominent. It is also important to keep checking your application status to see if the colleges need anything from you.

          “If colleges request documents such as transcripts and you fail to send them, they can use that as a reason to not admit you. It is important to pay attention to what they’re requesting from you,” Mrs. Arreguin said.

         Celebrating peers’ accomplishments is one of the best things to do during this time. 

   “If you hear of your friend getting into college, celebrate them, even if that’s a college you wish to go to, the best thing you can do is make them feel important for their accomplishments,” Ms. Tovar said.

   After submitting your college applications, make sure you take care of your financial aid documents such as FASFA. If you need help submitting these documents you can visit the Titan Center for help. 

   Staying positive and keeping up with good study habits is the most productive way to spend your time. It is stressful while waiting for that acceptance letter, to better your experience it is important to stay positive throughout the process.