Grade Nite sparks controversy between some parents and students


June 9th 2022, the class of 2022 will celebrate all their accomplishments they have made so far and celebrate what is to come. Imagine celebrating in the gym you walked into your first day of freshman year with carnival games, food, and a casino night.

Grad Nite is a celebration for the seniors on their graduation night. Originally, Grad Nite was put into place so students have a sober way to celebrate their accomplishments with their peers, thus avoiding under age drinking and driving under the influence.

This year, seniors and parents had the option to participate in a poll with four different options: Disneyland, Universal Studios, Six Flags, and an on campus carnival the night of graduation. The poll results showed that students preferred Grad Nite to be on campus.

There was a meeting among the parents running Grad Nite where it was proposed that Grad Nite would be at Universal Studios on June 3, after the poll results from the poll given to the senior class stated that seniors preferred an on campus Grad Nite. They propose this idea in order to keep the seniors out of the sun on graduation. If grad nite is in the gym, the seniors would have to wait outside to avoid spoiling the surprise. Having Grad Nite on campus on the night of graduation would fulfill the purpose better. Having it on June 3 would leave the night of graduation open giving the seniors the opportunity to attend unsafe or unmonitored gatherings.

Also, the senior class is already taking a class trip to Disneyland, and it would be more sentimental for us to spend one last day together where we are all on campus at the same time.

It is tradition for Grad Nite to be held at Poway High on campus. If our class does an off site Grad Nite, we would be breaking a precious Poway High tradition.

           One or two seniors should represent the senior class and attend the next meeting that discusses this topic so we can explain to them that we can sacrifice standing outside on graduation day if it means we get a chance to be on campus together at the same time one last time.