Tremendous TikTok Titans

Poway High School has there very own celebrities


Elijah Burnett, Staff Writer

   TikTok grew in popularity over quarantine, and when there is a new social media website, people rise to fame.  Tiktok in particular, can provide entertainment for anybody, from music to comedy. 

   Poway High School contains multiple students with over 100,000 TikTok followers,. Including seniors Zadyn Dillon and Henry Ambrose who have found success there

   Ambrose had been posting a lot of comedy videos to TikTok with a decent response, but it was until May 5 2021 where he really shined, hitting up to 100,000 likes and 400,000 views with stretch comedy video. He was not surprised with his popularity growth. “There just comes a point where it’s not as shocking as it used to be,”  Ambrose said.

   “Collaborative trends and somewhat entertaining videos, and Kanye” is what senior Henry Ambrose says keeps him posting to TikTok.  Since his viral video, he averages 30k views per video with even a few videos having 1 million views. `

   Zadyn Dillon had a very different rise to fame. Dillon’s videos are not very comedic, but instead, inspirational. Dillon wanted to change his look and lose weight. While he was doing this, he posted his progress to TikTok. 


   People really found it cool and wanted to follow along, so he quickly gained popularity. “TikTok is really easy to blow up, you just have to think about what you have to offer that is different,” Dillon said.. He put in so much work, and with over 100,000 followers, and full confidence in himself, it really paid off. 

   “The impact and inspiration it can have on others’ lives is amazing,” Dillon said. He inspires a lot of people with his hard work. “Very proud of you and all your progress!” one of his followers said.

   These two are just a few famous Poway High school tik tokers, but Dillon and Ambrose prove that anybody can blow up on TikTok.