Buster Moon and friends take the stage once again

Rylee Harris, Staff Writer

Watching movies is very enjoyable, but nothing is better than Sing 2. Sing 2 is an amazing movie by the director Garth Jennings. It follows the main character, Buster Moon as he pursues  his dream to run the best show ever. I think the voice actors of Sing 2 did an outstanding job of really making it feel like they were in their own movie. Just like in the first Sing movie, I think this movie was just as good as the second one, if not better. 

The beginning of the movie mainly focuses on how Buster wants to pursue his dream on stage with his friends. He struggles to find somebody who will take up his offer  to perform. However, the story also looks at how he and his friends grow as a team on stage. 

Later in the movie, Buster Moon and his friends find somebody who will let him perform on set with the producer named Jimmy Crystal. The agreement was to have former music artist Clay Calloway be on set with Buster Moon, but Moon struggles. 

I love how this movie is relatable by showing the audience that in order to be successful with something, you have to go through obstacles along the way. Although, no matter how hard you try , it will not always happen. 

My favorite part of the movie is when they finally start the show because so much can happen during a matter of ten to fifteen minutes. I love all the music they sing during the show as well.

Overall, just like the first movie the hype of Sing 2 is definitely worth the watch.