Where Should Students Go When They Need Help?

Ashley Perez, Staff Writer

Students often  feel overwhelmed, alone, and lost. All these feelings can come out because of the impact that high school will have on their lives and future.

Thankfully, staff and administration know how difficult it can be to balance school, home life, jobs, sports etc. There are many available resources on campus to provide students with the help that they need.

Feeling stressed about school courses and classwork? Make an appointment with your designated counselor to see if there are any options available for replacement courses or taking some courses online instead of in person. “I recommend all students that are feeling overwhelmed with what courses they must take or how to format their four year plan to reach out to their assigned counselor for help,” Counselor Blanca Arreguin said.

Another important step for students is planning for  college and life after high school. The stress of taking standardized tests, deadline requirements, applications, and scholarships can be a handful. College prep jitters are common among upperclassmen that are pursuing colleges or trade schools after high school. The Titan Center is a great resource for students looking for additional help with college applications, and even finding career paths outside of the typical college route. “As the career guidance technician, I assist students with any career/college related questions that they might have. I am located in the Titan Center from 7:30-3:30 Monday through Friday,” Career Technician Jamie Brown said

Student Support Services is another source for help that not many students know about. Their office is a safe space for students to ask questions and reach out for help. “Here in student services I provide support for all kinds of issues, whether it be substance abuse, homelife troubles, or even friendship struggles. I am available for all students,” Student Services Specialist Sharon Struck said. Anyone can go into student services for help anytime throughout the week, it is located inside the counselors office to the right hand side.

Apart from your designated counselor, Karly Wardwell is also available for help. Ms.Wardwell is career technical education and intervention counselor. She can also help you with courses and college prep, as well as any school/friend related issues, “ I am available for help with coursework, friends, and even family,” Counselor Karly Wardewll said.

Whether it be academic help or homelife help, there are resources available right here on campus.