Best and worst of 2021


Tatyana Maxwell, Staff Writer

We can all agree that 2021 was anything but normal. Here’s the entertainments best and worst of these past crazy 365 days.

 Artists and albums: It was a big year for Olivia Rodrigo, her album Sour was top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 with around 2 billion streams. I think what made this album the best was the ability the songs had to relate to the listeners.Kanye West’s album Donda was arguably one of the worst albums in 2021. Now for me I just don’t really enjoy listening to Kanye’s music.Some listeners say that it takes a person with a certain type of ears to listen to that whole album. 

Movies: Dune starring Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya was a huge hit. The connection the viewers could make with the movie and connect their own fears to the movie was amazing.What made this movie so good to me was the incredible acting from my favorite person, Zendaya. Music, a movie directed by the hit pop star Sia came out February 10th 2021. This movie got hated on even before the release. Autism advocates don’t agree that former dancer Maddie Ziegler should have had the role to act like someone with autism, most people said it was just a misguided mess. Personally I agree with them they could have given anyone else the chance to play that role, like someone who actually has autism. 

TikTok: TikTok has grown a lot through the years, but I think the 2021 dances just had a different vibe. “Kiss Me More” was a fun dance that you could really live up. It didn’t require you to be very exact, meaning you could change it to make it your own. “Beggin ” was a short TikTok dance that everyone could learn, and it gave the 2019 summer vibes with it.One of the worst TikTok trends was the “watermelon” trend, where you took a watermelon and added mustard to it and ate it. I just think this is nasty, and don’t know why anyone would try it. Hands down the most popular and fun dance moves to do in 2021 was the jerk and getting gridy, these two dance moves were both so fun and can light up a room every time you do it. 

Yes, 2021 was very hard but there were many “bests” of the year.