Harry Potter reunion sparks nostalgia


Famous book series turned into a well known movie series franchise; Harry Potter and it is back to reminisce upon the 20th anniversary. 

The magical world of Hogwarts is known to many as a timeless staple that will continue throughout generations. Fans of all ages were ecstatic to see their favorites back together on screen to discuss their success on the first of the new year.

Emotions ran high as characters from throughout the films revisited the sets and spoke on the behind the scenes. The cast fell back into their old ways and talked as if no time had passed. It was happy to watch them be back in the presence of each other and even more to tell the details of their favorite moments. 

The reunion goes back in time to discuss the start of the casting process. Chris Columbus, who took on the directing of the first two movies, said he sought to bring the characters to life and find their main star, Harry Potter. Having auditions span far and wide, Columbus revealed just how important this was for the future of the films. 

“We couldn’t find Harry. We just couldn’t find Harry, and it was getting kind of weird and panicky.” Columbus said.

This worry seemed to disappear as Columbus stumbled upon Daniel Radcliffe in the 1999 feature David Copperfield. As they found Radcliffe, the rest of the trio alongside him, consisting of Hermione Granger played by Emma Watson and Ron Weasley played by Rupert Grint, seemed to just fit together seamlessly and mirrored the characters chemistry just as well.

Absent from this get together was J.K Rowling, the writer of the series. Following her past controversies of her support in TERF. A movement that expresses the view of transgender woman being not seen as female. Disagreement was made clear by the cast on confirming their differing ideologies and cutting their correlation to the author.

From this experience my favorite parts had to be seeing the return of Helena Bonham Carter who played Bellatrix Lestrange. Throughout her spectacular performance from the movies it was revealed that another close co-star shared my same love. Daniel Radcliffe’s unrequited feelings came forward as he read from an old letter addressed to Carter in a heartfelt moment.

Missing from this reunion were many main actors that I felt left an open presence. Among some of the actors included Professor Minerva McGonagall played by Maggie Smith. Her importance was seen throughout the entire eight year movie sequence and I wish her memories were shared from her time of acting with a wide range of the cast.

The reunion screened solely on HBO MAX. Some fans, like myself, found this inconvenient as I had to watch from a friend’s account. But after I started I was hooked and finished in one sitting. I thought that the reunion flowed well and was like an exclusive experience. I would recommend that you can not miss it if you are a fan of the books or movies of the Harry Potter world.