Model UN battles social issues

Students learn about global interactions.


Ella Goldman, Online Editor

Student delegates sit in a conference room. Each assigned a country, they must resolve what should be done with refugees in the Middle East. Debating, arguing, and discussing, China proposes an idea to move them all to Alaska to work. In the midst of all of the chaos, the proposal is passed. This is Model United Nations (MUN). 

Members of the MUN club focus on re-enacting the United Nations through conferences. Before each conference, students are assigned a country and must do research about their policies. As delegates, they must propose solutions to social problems as their country would. “It’s really fun taking on different roles. I really like the chaos,” club president junior David Hulterstrom said. 

The club’s most recent conference was on Dec. 5 at Bishops High School. At the end of the six-hour conference, four awards were given out, with two going to Poway High freshmen. Elizabeth Gant took home the title of “Most Outstanding Delegate” while Addison Cooper received “Best Research Paper.” 

“I was really surprised that someone with more experience didn’t get the award. It was really validating,” Cooper said. 

Coming up on Feb. 26, MUN members will take on another conference at Laguna Hills High School. Alongside them will be their advisor of two years, Jacob Waasted. “MUN is a great club for students to learn presentation and research skills. They get to learn a lot about how global interactions work,” Waasted said.