A Christmas story: Hoffy’s version

Hoffy kindles joy all around.


As the holidays arrive just as fast as Santa, houses are decked out in all kinds of lights and inflatables. Decorations are a huge part for any holiday celebrated, especially during the Christmas season. Teacher Kelly Hoffmaister decorates her classroom to make it comfortable and cozy. 

As you walk into the room, you cruise through Santa’s “beard”, and continue to walk into a winter wonderland. As you look to the left, you see a portion of the room dedicated to Hanukkah; the room is filled with greens, blues, and red. 

Hoffmaister has been decorating her classroom just as long as she has been teaching here, and has continued her tradition and improved on her decorating skills. “It takes about 3-5 hours to decorate my room, but since kids spend a ridiculous amount of time at school, I try to make it somewhere they enjoy spending time,” Hoffy said. 

   Growing up in a joyful household, Hoffy has continued her mother’s legacy of making her classroom a splendid environment. “I decorate for all holidays just like my mother did, and I also decorate my house so I wanted to carry it over to school,” Hoffy said. 

   As the year continues, her students see all sorts of seasons in Hoffy’s classroom. From Valentine’s Day with hearts and a room full of love, to Dia De los Muertos with sugar skulls and Latin culture, Hoffy never disappoints to wow her students. “Hoffy has a classroom that makes it fun to learn in,” sophomore Lucia Fleck said. Having a decked out classroom keeps the students engaged and ready to learn, while also providing an opportunity to educate each student on the holiday. 

   Hoffy uses her decorations to connect with her students and build a bond. “Every time I have had Hoffy as a teacher, she has never failed to make her room exciting. I love the tradition she has going on,” sophomore Megan Sgalio said.