Local music bound to give you a Migraine


Sophomore Owen Nagel performs with his band Migraine at Soma Mainstage on Oct. 30

Marin Colville, Editor-in-Chief

The hidden gem of San Diego is its music scene. Some Titans are helping to bring that scene closer to home.

Sophomore Owen Nagel is the lead guitarist and vocalist of the band Migraine, and has been enjoying working and performing with his band for the past year and a half. Migraine has performed at venues such as Soma and Queen Bee’s, and they have also done house shows and performances at places like Fiesta Island and Hilltop Park. 

“Performing is always fun but the best part is probably just the feeling of people you like being around and playing music you enjoy. The best show we’ve played was definitely at Soma Sidestage last October because of the crowd,” Nagel said.

The crowd at a punk rock show like Migraine’s consists of people from all ages and backgrounds. People enjoy dancing, moshing, and mingling with others with the same interests between sets. 

“I like that you can make conversation with the coolest people around you,” freshman Shelby Esparza said. “It’s cool that everyone is there for the music. They’re all super nice, and there’s a lot of adrenaline in the crowd.”

Esparza is one of a handful of Titans to attend these local shows, and encourages people to check out the scene if they have not before.

Another aspect of the San Diego scene that many enjoy is the diversity of the bands and artists performing. Local bands such as Erratic Impulse and Violet Seas with completely different sounds put on shows together to make for an all together unique experience.

“The best aspect of live music is the environment. There is truly nothing similar to it, especially in the local aspect. There are very few places where you can see a Navy sailor and a Rasta singer together. I’ve seen stuff I’ll never see anywhere else,” No Captives band bass guitarist/ vocalist, senior Gavin Jones said.

While the local music scene is fairly small, it’s already given rise to some of the most iconic bands and artists such as Blink-182 and Pierce The Veil. Many of the bands hope to get a similar big break.

“Hopefully, in the future we’ll be getting big enough to tour the US,” Nagel said.

To support these talented Titans and the local music scene, Titans can follow Jones’s and Nagel’s bands on Instagram @nocaptives.band and @migraineband_, check them out on music streaming platforms, and come to Soma Mainstage today, Dec. 17 to see Migraine perform live at 6 p.m for $10.