Bee Green and Environmental Club collab


Reace Rinehart

Senior Kate Bylsma makes informational posters for the garden.

Karishma Kansal, Staff Writer

When it comes to being an environmental activist, some people don’t know where to start. The Environmental and Bee Green clubs create an excellent opportunity for students to give back to their community.

 These clubs are teaming up to create a garden in the metal planters by the senior parking lot. Working together, they plan to grow flowers, vegetables, and succulents to recycle seeds and pollinate surrounding plants. 

Volunteers will help maintain the garden by watering seeds in the morning. “The idea is to show people ways they can get involved with the community while simultaneously helping the environment,” Environmental Club Vice President, senior Mina Mandegar said. 

Because the two clubs have similar objectives, the garden is a very anticipated collaboration and a way for students to get gardening experience. 

It will also be a fundraising opportunity for the clubs. Selling the produce can raise money for club activities and future projects like planting trees around the community and even their own campus.

The project also helps showcase the school’s contribution to the community. “It will hopefully promote the general idea of sustainability and community-based horticulture as being necessary for a greener Poway and a greener world altogether,” Environmental Club Secretary, senior Colin Hart said. By setting the example, these two clubs can hope others will follow their lead and make an effort to give back. 

“Not only are we using otherwise unused space, we are using the space to create a product that will allow us to better other parts of school and maybe even our town,” Environmental Club President, senior Ljosha Kremliovsky said. 

With planter beds contributed by the school, both clubs will distribute different vegetation for each planter including succulents, vegetables, and flowers respectfully. Their work will help their school and community, one seed at a time.