If you’re not a senior, read this

The importance of respecting social etiquette


Iliad/Reace Rinehart

Eager to get to school on time to socialize with peers, seniors turn into the back parking lot to snatch a spot next to their friends. They soon realize there are none left, leaving them to quickly circle both parking lots in search for any empty spot before the first bell rings.
Social etiquette in terms of seniority is something Poway High School needs to work on. This not only happens in the parking lot before school but also at football and other school sports in the stands
Current seniors knew their place as underclassmen and now expect the respect and opportunities that come with being top of a school. Boundaries need to be set to the current underclassmen, and even juniors.
Many seniors have been late to class due to a lack of parking for them in the main lot because juniors and some sophomores have decided to park there. The idea of a strictly senior lot needs to be reintroduced so underclassmen and juniors understand to not park in the senior lot.
The lot is currently not designated to just seniors since there was extra spots in the past. But with everyone back in person the parking has gotten out of hand.
This same problem also occurs at sports games in the student section. Typically the order goes seniors in the front followed by juniors, sophomores, and freshmen in the back. However underclassmen somehow find a way to push through the sections to get a seat closer to the field or court.
It is rude to take the spot away from a student who has respectfully waited four years.
From taking up seating in the stands to parking in the main lots, underclassmen including juniors need to realize that is not the proper way to respect your elders, instead they should stand back and look forward to their time on top.