Traditional holiday celebrated for centuries

Representing Los Tres Reyes Magos or “Three Kings Day” holiday and its festivities


art by Karishma Kansal

January 6th is an ordinary day for most, but for Catholics in countries such as Italy, Spain, Honduras, and Mexico it is a very important day. Known as “Three Kings or Three Wise Men day” for European followers, and “ El dia de los Tres Reyes Magos” for Latin Americans.

Families come together to celebrate the “Epiphany,”Jesus’ baptism. There are different traditions that take place on this day, varying among families and the countries from where they are from.

Commonly, the children receive gifts from the “three kings,” as an alternative to the traditional Santa Claus that has become popular in the United States for decades. Others, use the holiday to get together with friends and family and rejoice together.

“ Three Kings Day is a holiday that has been celebrated in my family for generations. Every generation has their own twist on the celebration, but the customs and traditions remain true up until present day,” senior Jenny Castro said.

Castro is now 17 years old, but can still recall all of her gifts that she received on Three Kings Day. On the morning of, Castro’s house is filled with catholic celebratory songs to awaken everyone and initiate the day. Her family spends the day feasting on Mexican dishes such as tamales and atole.

Once the evening comes along, her family goes on the gift hunt. According to family tradition, gifts are hidden among the inside of the house for all the family members to find. After they are found, they are opened together so that everyone can admire each other’s gifts; Castro’s favorite part.

Her family has celebrated this holiday for over 200 years now. “I feel very proud of my faith and our traditions. My favorite part is being able to see my favorite family members and have a feast with them. It is truly heartwarming and something that I look forward to,” she said.

She looks forward to when she can share this holiday with her children. “I am especially excited to be able to teach my kids about Three Kings Day, and make new traditions with them,” she said.

Jan. 6 marks the end of the holiday season for those that celebrate Christmas and Three Kings Day.