Hawkeye and Kate shoot their arrows into Christmas


Art by Suhail Rahimi

A young female prodigy and an old bitter man take down an entire crime organization that only wears tracksuits.
Marvel continues to stream brand new TV shows, and Hawkeye is the newest on Disney Plus. The show stars Jeremy Renner, reprising his role of Hawkeye, and Hailee Steinfeld, taking over the role of Kate Bishop.
Hawkeye takes place during winter, and it mainly focuses on the struggles of being a superhero and having a family.
In the first three episodes, the story mainly focuses on the introduction of the new character Kate Bishop, a young protege of Hawkeye, as she tries to replicate his moves and learn the superhero lessons with him. Hawkeye is intentionally hesitant to take a young adult under his wing, and he says the things she is getting herself into are dangerous. However, the story focuses on the new-found bond between the two characters. The dynamic of the characters’ partnership is great, including the chemistry between them.
The first episode starts off by giving a back story and looking into the childhood of Kate Bishop. The show switches back and forth between both characters’ perspectives, so viewers get a look into the different families of Clint and Kate. This is a recurring theme throughout the show so far. Towards the end of the episode, they finally meet and from here on out they have bonded.
I love the relatability in this show. Marvel usually produces crazy, out-of-this- world content that could never really happen in the real world. However, here there are no superpowers, and it is mostly about fighting underground criminal work.
The show perfectly demonstrates how much the regular person Clint Barton gives up to be Hawkeye.
The season will have six episodes total. Viewers have many theories about the upcoming episodes as teasers continue to get shown.
A character named Kingpin is at the center of these rumors. In the comics Kingpin is a big foe to many superheroes, mostly Daredevil and Spiderman.
So far, my favorite episode has been episode three because of the action. Marvel has shown that they have the same budget and stunts as the movies. This is demonstrated in the episodes of Hawkeye.
One of my favorite things about the action is the stunts they do with the bow and arrows, including the aerodynamics and how an arrow would actually move in air. This shows that the directors truly care about the archer background of the characters.
A villain is yet to be established as the two main characters continue to look for the main boss of the crime gang they are trying to take out.
Overall with only four episodes out, it is looking like one of the top Disney Plus shows.
It has given Hawkeye and Kate Bishop amazing character development so far, and it is still not over.
With one more episode to go, it’s exciting to see how the show will wrap up.
Expect more plot twists in the season finale on Dec. 22.