Donda (Deluxe) dives into the struggles of Kanye’s family


After the release of Donda, fans were bracing for an extended release, since Kanye made it known that the album was released on streaming services prematurely. Two and a half months after the debut, Donda (Deluxe) arrived. 

Including five new songs, it brings the album length up to an incredible two hours and 11 minutes. Three of these tracks are completely original, the other two are more complete versions of tracks from the first release of the album. Kanye also updated some other tracks from the original release.

Perhaps the most popular of these five songs is “Life Of The Party,” featuring Andre 3000. This track is positioned right in between “Moon” and “Off The Grid,” two of the album’s most well received tracks, so it makes sense that so many people have listened to this song. 

The track has a laid back instrumental line up, with faster lyrics from Andre, making it a great way to transition between the slower vocals of “Moon” and the fast-paced “Off the Grid.” Granted, “Life of The Party” is still able to stand up on its own. 

The next original track in the album is “Up From The Ashes.” This has not received all of the attention “Life Of The Party” got. There is not much to talk about this track because it is a pretty slow song with mediocre lyrics.

Kanye based his next song, “Never Abandon Your Family” on the relationship with his children and Kim Kardashian. He sings about the things his kids say about him, and him apologizing for his wrongdoings against a very unique keyboard instrumental. 

The track ends with a quote from Donda West repeating, “No matter what you never abandon your family,” as if those words repeat in Kanye’s head, commanding him to reunify the family he created.

The other new tracks, “Remote Control Pt 2” and “Keep My Spirit Alive pt 2” are both reimaginings of preexisting tracks, but quite frankly, it seems like very few changes were made between the new and old versions. 

The small changes made to songs that have already been released are all in good taste, and two of the three original tracks added were pretty good. 

Overall, Donda (Deluxe) has been pretty well received, despite it not having anywhere near as much hype as the original release, and now the album feels complete.